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Its a sod, sod story…

As I promised, here is your post about sod.  I know, you are so excited.

But first, I need to tell you about the amazing dinner I just had.  I just ate a pork roast that cooked in the crockpot all day with chipotles, onions and cumin.  Then, I shredded it and put it over half a shredded cabbage.  Top that with pico, salsa and avocado. Capital Y-U-M.  I finished-off the meal with 1 1/2 pieces of Paleo Squash Pie (recipe another day) topped with coconut butter and accompanied by a cup of coconut milk.  I am so full, but not uncomfortably bloated-stuffed like I use to get when I ate that much.  I know, I took, like, three Beenos (apparently all of that cheese I use to eat kept the toots in), but I ate a three-person serving tonight.  Best part, I’m still rockin’ the “skinny-time-of-the-month-body”!!!!!

Anyway, right, sod.  So here is my stance: sod is evil, it is a product of the devil.  This is not me standing on my soapbox talking about the weed that is grass (we will cover that another day).   This is the me saying that if you ever plan on planing a garden of any kind, eventually selling your home or changing the layout of your landscape do not ever, in any circumstance, no matter how pretty it is, ever, ever, ever lay sod.  Ever.

Oh, but Kay, why musn’t I lay sod?  You musn’t because of one crucial, terrible, absolutely uncompostable reason: plastic mesh.  Sod is lined with plastic mesh.  Therefore, if you ever want to use an area that is covered with sod for anything other than “a nice place for the grandkids to play” (because parents still remember that kids like to play in dirt, mud and rocks as much as or more than they like the feel of cool grass on their tootsies), NO SOD!!!

THE DEVIL'S WORK: plastic mesh.  Ack!

THE DEVIL’S WORK: plastic mesh. Ack!

This morning I went outside and raked the pine needles out of the back yard.  We recently fell some trees that we are going to mill into lumber (that post coming soon!) and with the added light reaching the ground, decided that we should plant more than dead sod in the back yard.  As I was raking, I saw the mesh poking up through the dirt and knew the inevitable was to come.  I am not one of those people that can leave a scab unpicked, a hang nail hanging, a towel unfolded, or plastic mesh showing.  I knew that I was going to have to pull it all up if I was to see my dream backyard come true.  There was no way I was going to try to just rota-til that stuff in.  ITS PLASTIC after all.  After the first hour of pulling and rolling sod, I got thirsty and my fingers got raw.  I grabbed a drink and some gloves.  Funny thing, you have to be able to feel the mesh in order to know that you are getting it all.  Gloves off.

I just thought I would pull out the little piece of mesh sticking out of the ground.

I just thought I would pull out the little piece of mesh sticking out of the ground.

Sod encourages the trees around it to send their roots up.  When roots come up they get entwined in the mesh and create a mess.  I would roll a bit then cut the roots, roll, cut the roots, so on and so forth.  Because no day is complete without an accident…At one point I dropped the nippers I was using for the roots onto my hand.  The point stuck about a half inch into the palm of my hand.  No big deal.  I rubbed a little dirt in it and continued on.  I had an afternoon crossfit workout to make it through and I intended to have the backyard done before I left.

When I finished I realized that my bu-thighs ( the region from mid-but to mid-thigh) were in a giant knot.  Because I refused to kneel I was bent over at the waist rolling and pulling sod.   I have new wool yoga pants that I haven’t taken off in a week.  I don’t want to get holes in them because I LOVE THEM. so, no kneeling.  It was like doing 4 hours of deadliest.  Ack!

These rolls look like, but they are about 50#'s a piece.

These rolls look like, but they are about 50#’s a piece.


I attempted a "double-wide" roll.  After about 8 feet I couldn't move it.  Epic Fail at total awesomeness.

I attempted a “double-wide” roll. After about 8 feet I couldn’t move it. Epic Fail at total awesomeness.

Tomorrow I will start pulling the plastic mesh off of the sod.  I am so excited.  Hoping for rain

So, before you tell me, “Duh, Kay.  You know that they make sod cutters, right?”  Yes, I do know this.  But there are times in our lives when we should ask for help and there are also times when we should put on our big girl panties and do it ourselves.  This was the latter.  My next post will cover some of the basic “when-to” and “when-not-to” ask for help situations.

This is MY view on sod.  Although, I think that Kentucky Blue Grass (the plant, not the music) is bad, the plastic mesh used in the sod is evil.

I understand that the American Way is to get things instantly, when we want them.  Instant gratification is the way to a fulfilled life.  One day it is dirt, the next day it is grass.  No seeding, no waiting.  I too want everything cool I see right now.  That is why I have had to teach myself to sew and build and cook.  Because I cannot afford to have everything I want, I must make it.  I am still waiting to become independently wealthy by looking, uh, er, average, sans make-up, hair in a ponytail and in yoga pants that I have not taken off in a week.

What I am trying to say is that sod is bad.  Please do not lay sod.  They call it laying sod, because you are not planting it at all.  You are laying it on top of the ground.

Nuf said.  Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, about the stab wound from the nippers:  I had to do about 50 pull-ups during the crossfit workout today.   The motion was great for squeezing out all of the puss that had built up.  Aside from being a bit bruised, it looks/feels great for now.

Next: When to ask for help and when to learn how to do it yourself!

I Love Flannel!!!

This is going to be a quick one because I have to head out and get a new phone.  Very exciting considering that I have had my current phone for over 5 years.  I have to keep it plugged in or it makes this really sad dying robot sound to tell me that I have a low battery.

The reason for this post is two-fold (I don’t really understand the term “two-fold”, but people always sound really smart when they use it.  So, I am using it.  “I am so smart, s-m-r-t!”).  Reason a)  to give you a recipe that I am really proud of and 2)  to tell you about the upcoming blog post.

So, part a)  Flannel Hash!!!  I know, Goldie’s in Boise, Idaho makes Flannel Hash and I am sure that there are several other wonderful eateries out there that do as well.  But I live in Oregon now and am at least 6 hours (5 if someone else is driving) from Boise.  Yesterday afternoon I got a hankerin’ for some Flannel and prepped the beets and sweets and this morning I cooked them up. Here I go, TOOT TOOT TOOOOOOOOT.  Yes, I am tooting my own horn.  This was freakin’ amazing.  So good, in fact, that I just finished-off another bowl for lunch.  The other amazing part, its paleo-licious!!!!!   Yeah!!!

Oh yeah, and step 2) of this post, WHAT’S TO COME!!!  Later, hopefully today, but more realistically tomorrow, I will talk about sod.  Yup, sod.  That stuff that comes in rolls that people lay in their yards and then they have a lawn.  I know you are all vibrating with excitement (or anger, that you just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this).

Here is the recipe.  Make lots because it goes fast.


Flannel Hash


  • 3-4 tennis ball sized beets
  • 1 yam or sweet potato
  • 4 strips of bacon, this is negotiable


  1. Put the bacon in a large  cast iron skillet over medium heat.  Brown it up on both sides.  Remove from pan to a paper towel to drain.  Leave the bacon grease in the pan.
  2. While the bacon is cooking: Scrub the beets and trim the root end and the leaves (save the leaves, their really tasty).  Remove any really rough spots and chop into 1 inch cubes.  Throw into your food processor and pulse a couple of times. The pieces should be pea-sized or slightly smaller.
  3. Repeat step one with the sweet potato.
  4. After the bacon is cooked, dump the chopped beets and sweets into the pan with the bacon grease, over medium heat.
  5. Cover and cook, stirring every 3 minutes until the beets and sweets are tender (not mushy).  It will take 10-15 minutes.
  6. When done, chop up the bacon and stir into the sweets n’ beets.
  7. Serve with a runny egg on top.  Yum!!!

I know…its been a while.

I have really wanted to blog this winter (like, REALLY wanted to blog.)  But, I have not been visiting thrift stores the way that I wanted to.  Everytime I would go on a trip, we would either be a) running behind schedule, or b) at the mercy of my travel companion and what they wanted to do.  It has been extremely disappointing.  That being said, it has also given me some time to think about what I would like this blog to be.  After a lot of thought, and frustration of not having new reviews to post, I decided that I want this blog to encompass more of me.  Selfish, huh?

This blog is now going to encompass all aspects of my attempts at thrift-whore-i-ness.  Yeah!!!

*Note to readers:  If you are looking for advice on “coupon-ing”, look elsewhere.  I do not coupon.  When did that word become a verb?*

So, now this blog is going to encompass a bit of everything in my life:

  • Cooking- I am currently following the Paleo Plan.  I may share some recipes!!! which would be totally awesome and fun!
  • Sewing- I have many of my own ideas, but my favorite way to sew is to “borrow” ideas from other, more-amazing, sewers.  I then try to make the same thing for less money.
  • Building-  I LOVE POWER TOOLS!!!! (by the way, when it is in all-caps it means I am really excited and the words should be read with gusto.)  I am currently building a new garden: rock-jacks, fences (we have deer, lots and lots of deer), gates, beds and some fun little surprises that I cannot wait to share with you.
  • Gardening-  I love to putter in my garden.  It is a love that was instilled in me from birth.  I am always searching for new plants, techniques and inexpensive ways to acquire seeds, plants and poo (animal poo).
  • Thrift Whoring- My life would not be complete without the joy of walking into a thrift store and looking for a great buy.
  • Much More:  I am sure that I will come up with many more things to talk about.  If you have any questions, requests or ideas, please let me know.  Although I like to think that I am really interesting and have the greatest ideas in the world, sometimes a girl needs a little help.

So, that’s it.  Great things are to come.  I cannot wait to share my attempts at thrift-whore-i-ness with you.

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