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When To Pull-Up The Under-Roos & Do It Yourself

The first thing that I want to say is that there is a time to complete a task all by yourself; a time to ask for a helping hand; a time to have someone teach you the right way to do it; and a time to hire a professional to do it for you.  For example, everyone should know how to fix a flat/change a tire and be able to do it themselves.  If they can’t, they should not be operating anything with an inflatable tire (i.e. a bike, a car, a wheelbarrow).  If a person does not know how to fix a flat/change a tire they should take the time to learn.  They can either teach themselves through trial and error or they can ask someone to show them how.  There is no excuse for not knowing/learning how to fix a flat tire. NONE.

So, I figured for ease of use and understanding I would make some lists.  Why? Because I love lists.  I make them all of the time.  My lists tell me about all of the things I need to get done, all of the stuff I need to pack, all of the food I want to eat, and all of the really wonderful people I have in my life.  That being said, lets begin:

List #1:  When to do it yourself.

  • Yard Work- raking, mowing, picking-up rocks, pinecones and poo, pulling-up sod (read earlier blog post).

Hauling firewood 1 mile down to the river!

  • Cooking- because homemade food tastes way better than anything you can get at a restaurant.
  • Washing Your Car- This one can also be deferred to your children or an attractive person wearing minimal clothing. (Nuf said)
  • Painting- Inside or outside this is way cheaper than hiring someone.  It is also well worth it.  Just be sure to spend some of that money you saved on drop cloths and tape.  Although many carpets that are sold now days have multiple colors within the weave, you are not suppose to add color to it once it is installed in your abode.
  • Gardening- People do this for relaxation, therefore, enjoy your time playing in the dirt and soak up a little vitamin D while your at it.
  • Changing A Tire or Fixing A Flat- (see above)

List #2: When to ask for a helping hand.

  • Lifting Heavy Objects- There is no reason to hurt yourself.  Ask you significant other, strong friend, handsome construction worker looking man next door, brother, sister…you get the point.
  • Incoming Weather-  The storm is approaching and you only have a couple of hours to rake leaves and get them burned?  Gather-up some friends and neighbors and get-er-done.  This may set you back some cold beers and juicy burgers, but is totally worth it.
  • Burning Yard Debris-  Because nothing is more pathetic than drinking alone.  And, I don’t know about you, but if I am going to light sh*t on fire, I had better have a cold beer in my hand.  Nothing is better than a cold beer while you are burning, but if your anything like me a 6-pack will leave you crawling and just like chips, you can’t drink just one.  Invite someone over to help.  Give them a cool moniker (like Burn Boss), a lawn chair, a pitchfork and a cold beer.
  • Layout-  This sounds like something you should totally be able to do on your own, buuuuuuttttt…  It is always better to have another opinion.  Many times I get hung-up on the perfect image that I have in my head.  I know exactly what my new garden will look like; new dish will taste like; new dress will feel like; new lotion will smell like; new wind chime will sound like (I think I covered all 5 senses there, ha!).  I have found that having a partner in these ventures not only makes me less lonely, but also gives me perspectives on things I may not have thought of.  I may not have realized that I was attempting to put lemon mousse with fresh raspberries when lime would totally be better, or that I was attempting to hang a planter full of yummy, tasty kale within reach of the fat deer in my neighborhood.  Plus, I spend enough time alone having full-blown conversations with myself.  It’s good for me to have the “help” even if it is only emotional.
  • Starting a Blog/Etsy Account-  I learned the hard way on this one.  Blog service providers (I am not sure if that is what they are called, but it sounds official) make starting a blog easy.  Yuppers, starting it is easy, but knowing how to edit it, design it, change it, approve/deny comments on it…VERY CONFUSING.  This is especially true for someone that is more likely to tell you what is wrong with your bread recipe or teach you how to start a chainsaw than to know how to turn on/off their iPhone (still working on that one).  As for the Etsy thing, I cannot take a decent picture to save my life, but I have a friend that is a natural.  Perfect!  She has agreed to take the pictures and I have taken on the task of sewing, building, painting and finding merchandise for the store.  Bam!
  • Image

    If your photos look like mine, ask for help. This is really a picture of Bigfoot and I could have made a gagillion dollars off of it, but, alas, my photo-taking abilities are sub-par.

…so, this post is turning into quite the ramble.  I will leave you with these first two lists for now and post the next two: When to Have Someone Teach You The Right Way, and When to Hire A Professional, very soon, like, Wednesday.

Do you have additions? Subtractions? Questions?  Let me know.  I am happy to hear from anyone, ANYONE, that is reading this blog.

One more little tid-bit: My sister is visiting this week to help me put in the new garden.  I love hanging out with either of my sisters.  We are all exact opposites of eachother.  I’m not really sure how that works out when there are three, but, we are.  She has a good eye for design and is bringing me my moped.  Woot!  Woot!  Time to Rally!  This will definitely lead to an adventure worthy of a post.

I have also been perfecting some Lemon Chiffon Pancakes  (Paleo and Non!).

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I am a 30-something year-old thrift whore. I have an obsession with all things old. Whether of value to all, aesthetically confusing or just solid. I love small towns and tight-knit communities. You will find me cooking, sewing, gardening, running a chainsaw or slaying the trails on a mountain bike.

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