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And Finally…When To Call A Pro

Lets talk about my day, shall we?

I got up early to go to the 6:00am crossfit class.  Every other week I take a friends kiddo to school and pick them up after.  This really only leaves open a couple of time slots for me to go to crossfit.

Option 1- I can go to the 9:00am.  Although I have yet to go, the 9:00am classes at most gyms are typically full of ladies.  Please don’t take this the wrong way.  I love knowing that women are crossfitting.  Strong, tough women ROCK!  But I get really nervous around large groups of women.  It is my problem and has a little to do with self-esteem, but it’s the truth and I am glad that I can identify my anxiety triggers.

Option 2- I could go to the 12:00pm class, but if you remember in my last post, I said I would never go to that class again.

Solution- The only solution was to get up at 5:00am and go in early.  I don’t mind the early wake-ups.  I am quite the morning person and enjoy the quiet time.  I don’t think my roommate likes my early mornings when they get to listen to me putter around making breakfast and trying to find a sports bra in the dark.  (Underwear look and feel surprisingly like sports bras in the dark.  They just don’t fit the same.  I usually get one arm and my head in before I realize that there is no hole for my other arm.)  Anyway, as I stumbled out the door, I had to stop to clean my glasses.  They were completely fogged-up and I couldn’t even see the road.  When I put them back on something terrible happened.  I realized that my glasses weren’t dirty…it was snowing.  Yuppers, snow.  And it’s my fault.  I just finished my garden beds yesterday.  They all are free of weeds, needles, leaves, and dead plants.  I tucked them all in with a fresh layer of steamy compost and sang them to sleep.  The Garden Gods decided that I had worked too hard and that I was getting way too much done.  They decided to unleash their fury in what is now an inch and a half of snow (and it is still coming down).  If it weren’t for the fact that my gym posts the workouts the day before, and I really wanted to do today’s workout, I would have turned around and gone back to bed.

Hello April 15th!

Hello April 15th!

So, may day went from being all about putting up fences and finishing cold-frames to being all about cooking, eating and taking pictures of it all.  Right now I am eating a warm from the oven brownie.  Yes, it is Paleo and I used the recipe for Fudgy Brownies, which I found on PaleOMG.  They are amazing and you should make them and follow her blog.  Here’s the link: She also just put out a cookbook that I am really excited about.  There is info on her website as well as a link to Amazon to research the book before you skip on down to your local bookstore and order it.  Before I shoveled a brownie into my face I was good and ate the most wonderful lunch ever.  I will post a photo of it below.  The first person that can correctly identify all three elements in the photo will get a prize.  In honor of the current weather here in the Northwest, the prize will be a vintage sweater from my collection.  Lucky you!  You thought it was going to be something like OMG That’s Paleo by Julie Bauer.  Unfortunately, my blog is not famous enough for me to get free-shtuff (yes, shtuff, the perfect combination of words).  So, you get to benefit from my Thrift-Whoriness!!!

What ever could it be?  The first person to correctly identify all elements of this fantastic meal wins a sweater!!!

What ever could it be? The first person to correctly identify all elements of this fantastic meal wins a sweater!!!

Remember the lists I have been working on?  Well, we have made it to the final list in the series of DIY Dos and Don’ts, When To Call A Professional.  Now I love to do things myself.  I will teach myself, read about it in a book, magazine or online and I will take a class, but I have learned through much trial and error, that there are times when you will save money and maintain your sanity if you refer to a pro.  Some of these are practical and revolve around safety and laws; others are more about tucking away the ego and ponying-up the cash.  Here we go…

When To Call A Professional

  • Salon Services- We can all wash our faces, shave, trim nose hair and pull the occasional out of place uni-brow hair, but there are a few things we should never assume to have the skills to attempt at home.
    • Massage- A sensual massage from your lover (I have always wanted to use that word) feels nice, but will accomplish little more than getting your libido revved-up.  That’s nice and all, but if you are an athlete, sufferer of regular headaches and back pain or if you just don’t carry your stress well, finding the right massage therapist is absolutely necessary.  You may have to test a couple out before you find the one that can help you out, but it is worth every penny they charge when you find the right one.  You will walk out of there feeling like you just got hit by a garbage truck, but your headache will be gone and that weird knot between your shoulders will be no-more.  Just remember to drink lots of water.
    • Hair Cut- Here’s the scene:  You decide you want to try bangs.  But because you’re just testing them out, you don’t want to have to pay somebody to cut them for you.  You get your hair wet and comb forward the right amount and start snipping away with some dull kitchen scissors.  Snip.  Snip.  The bangs are a little lopsided.  That’s okay, I’ll just snip a little more off of the long side.  Snip.  Snip.  Ooh, now they’re lopsided the other way.  Snip.  Snip.  Well, now they’re a little skinny.  So you comb a bit more forward and snip away.  Snip.  Snip.  Before you know it, you have given yourself a 2 inch bowl cut half way around your head and you don’t remember the last time you owned a barrette to pin them back.  Moral of the story, unless you can cut your hair using the same guard on a pair of electric clippers, leave it to someone whose job relies on you looking good.
    • Waxing- Danger!  Danger!  Those kits you see at the store claiming, “You too can wax your own nether regions, at home!!”  are lying.  What it should say is, “You too can burn yourself with hot wax and rip off the first five layers of skin, leaving you crying and bleeding to death whilst curled-up in the fetal position on your bathroom floor, at home!!”  I will continue to fight for truth in advertising.  Leave this one to the folks at the waxing salon.  They went to school for this stuff.  Remember one thing, if you want your waxer to love you and enjoy having you as a client, for Pete’s Sake take a damn shower before you go in.
  • Falling A Precarious Tree- Is it leaning over your house?  Will it take out your neighbor’s fence?  Will you effectively eliminate the power supply for your neighbor hood if you fall it?  If so, hire someone with insurance.  If you cannot KNOW that you will safely fall a tree without hitting anything, have a pro do it.  An arborist deals with situations such as this all of the time, but you are the weekend warrior of chainsaws and that is not good enough for your insurance company.  They aren’t too keen on covering stupid.  They’ll do it, but your premium may go up.  Plus, you do not want to ruin your relationship with your neighbor by destroying their property.  That will take away the joy of ruining that relationship in more creative and juvenile ways like dressing their cat up every time you catch it crapping in your garden and sending it home with a note around its neck saying, “I’ve been a bad kitty today.”
  • Chipping- The chippers rented to the general public have been adjusted so that jackasses cannot try to shove an entire juniper into the damn thing, clogging it with rocks, dirt and the occasional chunk of metal.  Therefore, any chipper you try to rent won’t chip more than a twig and will leave you throwing a fit and kicking the chipper as it lags over a 1-inch branch.  Save yourself the frustration.  Hire a landscape company to clean up your mess.  I know, it is stupid how much they charge and then they turn around and sell the chips that they just charged you to take, but it is totally worth it.
  • Accounting- If you want to start a business or have to itemize your taxes hire a professional.  Before you even decide on a name for your endeavor make sure that you have a certified accountant that will do your bookkeeping for you.  Some will teach you how to do the basics so that when it comes time for the monthly books they only have to spend a couple of hours working on it and therefore can charge you less.  That is what I like to call an “Awesome Accountant”.  This will save you a ton of time, a ton of money and ten tons of sanity.  Do it.
  • Cleaning Wool- A tear comes to my eye every time I see a crinkled Pendleton Snap-Up Shirt on the rack at a thrift store or a fantastic sweater that was once my size but would now be perfect for a Cabbage Patch Kid.  The great thing about 100% wool is that if you hang it up and allow it to air out, any B.O. that you have left on it will no longer exist on the garment.  You can wear wool several times before you need to have it cleaned.  I have a couple of shirts and sweaters that I have been wearing for years that have never been washed.  Please, please, please have a professional clean your wool garments.

Wow!  I bet you glad that is over.  Now you’re wondering, “What ever is she going to discuss next?”  Here is a hint:  There are soon to be three movies with this subject as the main title.  Do you know what it is?

Don’t forget to check out the photo of what I ate today and see if you can figure out what it is.  You know you want a sweater!!!


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I am a 30-something year-old thrift whore. I have an obsession with all things old. Whether of value to all, aesthetically confusing or just solid. I love small towns and tight-knit communities. You will find me cooking, sewing, gardening, running a chainsaw or slaying the trails on a mountain bike.

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  1. Yer Ducklovin Sister

    I will second the waxing of the nether region warning. I was once mistaken as an amputee with an ill fit prosthetic hobbling down the street because I was sure I could handle waxing the little cooter myself. Let go of any embarrassment you may feel in having somebody with an apron on rummage around you’re jewel box and go get yourself an ice cream afterwards. You did good.



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