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Sewing and cooking and…school?

Yep, that’s right.  I am back in school.  College to be exact.  I decided that after a 10 year break, I should go back and see what I am missing out on.  So far I have battled with an instructor, passed a few tests, continued to battle with a professor, learned how to install memory into a computer, used a yard stick, battled with a professor (and finally dropped his class).  This is not the college I remember, but I think I’m going to like it.  I even get to use this blog for one of my classes…BONUS!!  Aside from the fact that everyone in class now knows that I am a self-absorbed, craft and thrift store addict, this rocks!

On my last post I gave you all a recipe for beautiful, fluffy, buttery, sourdough biscuits.  Over the years I have honed my baking skills.  I have learned from the best: Mama D, Martha, my mother and myself.  Its not that I think I am a master of baking, but I am a master of trial and error.  For about a year I made probably 50 loaves of bread and 20 batches of cinnamon rolls.  I have worked with sourdough and yeast, quick breads and flatbreads, pizza dough and tortillas.  It has been a labor of love brought about by an unsatiated hunger.  A hunger for a single, fluffy, buttery, cinnamony roll.

I have worked tirelessly on finding a great cinnamon roll in the city I live in.  I have gone to every bakery, coffee shop, breakfast joint and bar (the bars are mainly to help me drown my sorrows after coming up empty-handed in the “great cinnamon roll search”).  Its like trying to find a vintage sweater that doesn’t smell like old lady perfume or moth balls.  After 2 years of searching I have determined two things: a. this town does not have a decent cinnamon roll; and b. the Ocean Roll must die.  Who decided that some crappy, dry, cardamom-flavored roll was a, “great substitute for a cinnamon roll!”  As the girl behind the coffee counter cheerily replied to me.  Whaaa?  I do not think so.  Why did it have to replace it?  Why can they not coexist, side-by-side?  Who made this decision?

I will now hop down off of my soap box and give you some sourdough pointers:

  • Don’t buy sourdough.  Chances are, you know someone that has a starter that they will let you take a bit of.  Some people keep it a secret, so ask around.
  • If you can’t find someone with a starter, make your own.  There are plenty of tutorials on how-to online.
  • Your sourdough will last a lifetime if you properly care for it.  Mine is over 50 years old!  That’s much older than me and it carries with it a little piece of home.
  • Every sourdough will taste a bit different.
  • Find a great resource for sourdough use and care.

I have a sewing blog for you that I will be putting up int he next week.  I am preparing for the arrival of my dearest friend’s first child and have been sewing up a storm.  I look forward to sharing my creations with you!

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:



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I am a 30-something year-old thrift whore. I have an obsession with all things old. Whether of value to all, aesthetically confusing or just solid. I love small towns and tight-knit communities. You will find me cooking, sewing, gardening, running a chainsaw or slaying the trails on a mountain bike.

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