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I have finally done it.  I have been talking about creating this blog for a couple of years.  I am a 30-somthing year-old thrift-addict.

I grew up with a father that collected anything and everything.  I learned to dumpster-dive at the ripe-ole’ age of 3.  My Dad would lift me into the dumpster and point to the things he wanted to see.  He eventually bought the towns old dance hall and turned it into his shop.  When he sold it last year it was full, floor to ceiling, with only small pathways allowing you to walk through.  Many diagnose my Dad’s behavior as a condition called hoarding.  I don’t think he is a border, but a man that sees wonder in everything he touches.  He values things that are well-built and American made.  This is not to say that he doesn’t like things made in other countries, but he has no patience for “crippy-crap”.

I, luckily, did not inherit his desire to collect.  I do have quite the collection of fantastic sweaters, but years of living out of a car and on the move have prevented me from holding onto items I cannot immediately use.  I try not to buy new and this results in hours of seeking and searching-out great deals in thrift stores, pawn shops, antique malls and consignment stores.  Throughout the years I have met some amazing and fantastic people that work at these businesses.  People that are willing to share their wondrous stories and help me find the perfect item to fill my need.  This being said, I have also encountered some bitter, unhappy people that have treated me terribly and inevitably convinced me not to patronize their store again.  I want those stores that have welcomed me to survive and thrive.  That is why I created this blog, to promote thrift stores, pawn shops, antique dealers and consignment stores that do a great job…and to “call-out” those that need a little work.

I also wanted a place where I could show-off some of my “re-makes” and ultimate finds.  I love repurposing items I find, whether it be an old sweater, bookshelf or even a hanger.  I now have slippers, planter boxes and wine racks that are as unique as the life I live.  I also enjoy that ultimate find that I search out and find tucked behind a stack of printer paper at Saint Vincent de Paul.

I cannot travel the entire country checking out every little town’s stores of thrift and great deals.  I will do my best to hit as many as I can when I am not in the backcountry (where I spend 80% of my time).  So, I want to hear from you.  Tell me about your experiences.  If I find your observations, comments and quotes to be helpful and honest, I will happily include them in my posts.

So, we’re off.  Lets see where this ride takes us, shall we?!

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