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Yes, another horribly long break.

Yes, I have taken another horribly long break from blogging.  A lot has changed and I can’t wait to catch you all up on what is new!  This is just a quick post.  I will be back this weekend with a new project and a new recipe!!  I am attacking my Pinterest folders and can’t wait to share my successes and failures with you.  There is also a little business in the making.  I hope you have enjoyed the break from me because I am back in force now!!

New topics and requests are being taken.

Because they are so good!

Because they are so good!

About diariesofathriftwhore

I am a 30-something year-old thrift whore. I have an obsession with all things old. Whether of value to all, aesthetically confusing or just solid. I love small towns and tight-knit communities. You will find me cooking, sewing, gardening, running a chainsaw or slaying the trails on a mountain bike.

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  1. Did you bake that biscuit?!


  2. I want the recipe – they look good



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